A dog that went missing after alerting her family about a looming tornado and saving their lives, have been found after about 54 days.

Eric Johnson was asleep March 3 when Bella, the family’s 6-year-old miniature Australian shepherd, woke him up. Johnson said he noticed Bella behaving extremely erratically, giving him a sense that “something just didn’t feel right.”

The father of three was looking for Bella when the tornado hit their house, tearing it into pieces and throwing Johnson into his backyard.

Just as they began to lose hope of finding her again, the family experienced another miracle. With the help of church friend Sarah Lang Romeyn, a dog tracker, Bella was found Sunday in an alley 4 miles from home.

Eventually, using the footage, Romeyn discovered the spot where Bella was hiding.
Johnson, his brother-in-law and their pastor helped retrieve Bella. After 54 days of living on her own, the beloved pup was reunited with her family.
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