Malawians are infuriated over Minister of information Mark Botomani Remarks of urging people to walk following transport fee hike due to coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to contain the Covid-19 free status, government ordered that sitting capacity of minibus must be reduced to two people per seat, which resulted into hiking of transport fare to 100 percent.

In his response to complaints from people over transport fee, the minister urged people to walk instead of taking a bus.

“If you are coming from Chitawira to Kanjedza, you can walk instead of taking a minibus.” Said the minister.

The response has however, attracted mixed reactions from people.

Writing on his wall Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza questioned the minister if he is aware of the bus fares.

“Minister of transport are you aware of the exorbitant bus fares. They are unfair considering the current situation and the wages are just a peanut. Transport raised with 100% while we are in a crisis where government is and forget the irresponsible remarks by Botomani. Someone is receiving K35000 and is spending K1400 to and fro please do something,” said Kampanikiza

Another user named Moses Msamala commented “This minister is useless, why can’t you do something like a cover up. One of it being lowering the price of fuel if anything to public transporters through like coupons for only this difficult period,”

Nathan Mkandawire added his opinion “Botoman says we should just walk. That statement says a lot and it’s a pity, chomwe tinalakwa ife amadziwa ndi ambuye basi.”

The minster has said that he was quoted out of context.

However, the remark continues to cause stir on social media platforms.

Malawi has not registered any case of coronavirus, but preventive measures are being put it place by government

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