In Zambia, a 25 year old woman is currently receiving treatment after her husband punched and deformed her face for having access to his personal handset.

According to Zambian Observer, Jordan Bweupe told his wife yesterday evening that he went for night shift in a named biscuit company. He [Jordan] arrived home around 08 : 15 hours this morning looking tired and went straight to sleep.

While he was in bed resting Mr. Bweupe’s wife got a tip – off from neighbors that her husband in fact spent a night with a sex worker few metres away from their house.

“After the neighbor told me, i decided to check on his phone and i was shocked to see his pictures with the said prostitute”, she narrated.

Upon realizing that his phone was being viewing like a cinema at Fresh View, Jordan got upset and turned his wife into a punching bag mercilessly.

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