The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) said it will start registering new voters this weekend  ahead of the fresh presidential election.

The first phase will run from the 4th to 17th April despite the coronavirus scare in Malawi.

However the commission says it is closely monitoring situations surrounding  covid-19.

“We have put in place measures to protect the members of staff and those registering. There will be buckets of water and soap for people to wash their hands and we have given masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to our staff,’’ said Mwafulira.

Mwafulirwa says the exercise in which those who registered for the tripartite elections are not supposed to register again, will run for four phases.

Earlier in the week, Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika announced that the commission will advertise for people to work as presiding officers, subsequently snubbing the usual option of primary school teachers.

According to Alfandika, the commission will require diploma holders to carry out duties as presiding officers.

Meanwhile, there is a ban on public gatherings, markets and schools which Mutharika directed to prevent the spread of Corona virus and Malawi has registered three cases of  Corona virus.

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