Minister of Education, Science and Technology William Susuwele Banda said that there was no chance that students in country would go back to school until schools are declared safe.

He spoke this during leadership and management training for Head teachers from Shire Highlands Education Division, specifically from Mulanje and Phalombe.

The remarks came after Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) urged government to allow standard eight and form four students to return to school so that they sit for examinations as there was no imminent threat of Coronavirus

The Minister said that the life and safety of teachers and learners are of out-most importance than education.

“We feel sorry for them that they are taking a different route. We will give them information; maybe they don’t have adequate information as to why government is taking that decision. Schools will not be opened until we feel that teachers and students are safe.

“Their motivation is on examinations, we can bring students to school and take the exams while in school and catch the disease there. They will die. We will mark the examinations and give a certificate to a parent when a child has died, that’s a mockery,” he said.

Currently, Malawi has registered 3 cases of corona virus as such, Malawians need to adhere to all preventive measures directed by the government to combat the spread of the virus.


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