A woman took to Twitter to pay tribute to the incredible man in her life.

Twitter user @soaedi_dinah revealed that she already had four children by the time she met her husband. Despite the challenges, he accepted her and the four of them, even though his family did not approve.

The couple now have six children together and the families have since made peace.

The grateful woman revealed that they’ve been together for 11 years now and are even stronger than ever before. This Publication gauged the reactions to the tweet and it had a profound effect on many.



Pebbles (@madaofthree) said, “Thanks for giving hope to all the ladies with babies out there. Love your story and wishing you all the best. Stay blessed.”

Twitter user @kuliroberts added, “I dont think it’s crazy he married u with 4 kids as he loved u. It’s those toxic parents who r a joke. Congratulations Angels.”

Agric Economist Guru (@Sosie2) said, “Blaxk families love judging a women for coming with kids into a relationship. They sometimes forget that you make their son happy. Your kids make their son happy. Your love story is beautiful.”

Tendai (@tendaim65) added, “His family had made the right decision this man was too desperate and his simpin is on a whole new level.”


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