Zimbabwe businessman Frank Buyanga has wrote to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) accusing the son of the country’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Collins of having a sexual relationship with his ex-lover Chantelle Muteswa.

iHarare reports that Buyanga and Muteswa are embroiled in a custody battle of their five year old son.

Their custody battles is the stuff only Hollywood movies are made of, from broad daylight kidnappings of said child and attempts to flee and hide with the child.

The businessman also stated that he is no longer comfortable with Justice Jacob Manzunzu handling his cases because he is in contact with the Mnangagwa family.

“I have been furnished with evidence that one Collins Mnangagwa residing at Elshadai Road in Glen Lorne has been assisting Chantelle Muteswa in her shenanigans,” Buyanga said in his letter to JSC Monday.

“As he is the son of the President, I decided not to act against him as the President is an old friend of mine and would rather keep evidence of his abuse of office for a later stage.

“Over the past week, a close companion to the Mnangagwa Family, Dylish Nguwaya has been communicating with Justice Manzunzu, Mallan Zorodzi Chiswa who also has links to the Muteswa family has also been communicating with Justice Manzunzu.

“Whilst I have the greatest respect and trust in Justice Manzunzu, too many adverse inferences can be drawn which affect his neutrality over the issues.

“His communication to members of the Mnangagwa family and others close to Chantelle Muteswa leaves a lot more questions than answers.”

Buyanga wants the JSC to consider his allegations in an impartial manner as Manzunzu is set to hear an urgent chamber application by his ex lover over the child custody battle

He has also accused members of the President’s office of trying to interfere and influence the outcome of the matter.

“This goes against the Constitution of Zimbabwe, I do not and will not stand to have Executive interfere with the judiciary as there should be separation of powers to preserve the rule of law,” he says.

The ex couple currently have joint custody of the child.

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