With the coronavirus induced lockdown in full swing, one would think that there would be little to no cases of extramarital sexual relations as cheaters have been forced to stay at home with their spouses. However, such is not the case.

For one seemingly-sex starved married woman only identified as NaCynthia, going for weeks without indulging in some steamy illicit sex with her boyfriend seemed impossible, forcing her to sneak out of the house at night for a sex session in the maize field.

All seemed to be going according to plan until their session was interrupted by some neighbours who had heard sex moans coming from the maize field and were forced to investigate the erotic sounds. The mother of two was then caught red-handed with her lover, Elvis Moyo, a kombi driver.

After making the discovery, the neighbours then summoned NaCythia’s husband, Mthulisi Ncube. Fortunately for Moyo, he managed to flee the scene, leaving his married lover at the mercy of her husband and neighbours.  After being thoroughly interrogated, the married cheat confessed that it was not the first time that she had used the maize field as a love nest.

According to reports the incident happened last Saturday in Esigodweni, Cowdray Park suburb

Speaking to the publication, a source who refused to be named said that the couple was caught at around 11 pm.

‘We were shocked why NaCythia had to do this to her husband. The husband is still struggling to come terms with her cheating. What happened is that when her husband who was so drunk fell asleep, she tiptoed from the house going to a nearby maize field where she met her lover and had sex.’

‘Their luck, however, ran out when neighbours who had been attracted by funny noises coming from the maize field went to see what was happening. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they found that it was NaCythia who was busy in the act with her lover.’

Ncube refused to entertain any questions from the publication when he was contacted for comment.

‘What you heard is none of your business. Why are you always after exposing other people’s lives?’ he asked before he hung up his mobile phone.


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