The novel corona virus desease 2019 known as covid-19 has changed and still changing the world routine with the “Lockdown” as the common word in the spot light as never before.

South Africa is no stranger to the famous lockdown as well. In fact, south Africans has been locked up in their home for over 35 days now with extremely essential industries still operating and mostly just food and pharmacy.

A week before the end of April, south African’s president cyril ramaphoza spoke about lifting the lockdown gradually from level 5 to 1.

Thus, the country as since move to a level 4 lockdown since 1st of may 2020 which is allowing some other essential industries to re-open on a basic level but still feels pretty much like a complete lockdown level 5.

The big question is! “what to except at the end of may?” You might be thinking of a more downward lift to a level 1 or closer! But let think about it.

The number of infected people in south africa still rising everyday including the death toll.

There is no vaccine for people that are sick and no vaccine for people that are not sick to protect them against contracting the virus other than the basics hygienic procedures. Putting the lockdown to level 1 will just simply mean more infection, more admission in hospital and back to square 1 even worse than italy.

If SA do not reach a pick number where the number of infected people start decreasing, if there is still no vaccine to cure the covid-19 or at least if there is still no vaccine to protect one from contracting the corona virus, expect the 1 of June to be as much as locked as before. Expect a level 5 or if less I will expect a level 4 still.

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