Faith Mussa, will perform for Nkhotakota Music Festival in a 30-minute showdown that will be streamed live on Facebook.

Mussa was one of the artists set to headline this year’s Nkhotakota Festival which has since been postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“People can watch the performance for free through kkmusicfest Facebook page and they will be able to stream it live but there is be a donation box for those,” Mussa said.

He said in collaboration with the organising team, they felt it wise connect with people online.

“We don’t want to keep people in the dark. In the absence of live performances, we want them to still enjoy our music and maintain the connection and so, I am the first artist on the lineup for the festival. We will start at 7:30pm up to 8pm,” Mussa said.

Recently, Nkhotakota Music Festival announced that it had opened up to the public to take part in the creation of the event by among other things, introducing a competition.

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