A 27 year old lady, Efua Nyanboawah in Ghana has been bathed with a mixture of acid and soda by another woman, Yaa Eduah who accused her of flirting with her [Yaa’s] husband.

The victim, a hairdresser apprentice said that she’d gone to her mother’s food vending place when her accuser confronted and accused her of chasing her husband.

“I’d gone to prepare banku (food) for my mother to sell. While I was grinding the pepper, Yaa Eduah who had earlier accused me of chasing her husband came around and asked me why I was mentioning her name. But before I could utter a word she poured the substance on me leaving me in great pains and my body severely burnt.”

The victim has been admitted at the Our Lady of Grace Hospital at Breman Asikuma for treatment.

The suspect after the dastardly act took to her heels and has been in hiding since then.

The Police who have vowed to bring her to book is currently on a frantic search for the suspect.

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