The First Grade Magistrates Court in Lilongwe on Monday sentenced a 25 – year – old Slivia Mukunoheri to 36 months imprisonment over bodily harm
Police prosecutor, sergeant Abigail Chirwa told the court that on March 5 2020, Mukunoheri forced two step children to craw on a concrete surface under the scorching sun.

According to Chirwa, Mukunoheri did this after the kids misused some rice and sugar due to hunger.

Appearing before court, Mukunoheri pleaded not guilty to the charge of acts intended to cause bodily harm that contravenes section 254 of the penal code. Following this, the state paraded four witnesses to prove the case.

Satisfied with the evidence, magistrate Sarah Beza convicted the woman.

In submission, the state prayed for a stiff punishment to deter would be offenders.

In mitigation, Mukunoheri asked for leniency saying she is breastfeeding. The convict further said her act was only meant to discipline the kids.

But passing judgement, magistrate Beza conquered with the state saying what the accused did was inhumane. She stressed that such cases of abuse are on the increase in the district hence the need for stiff penalties to offenders.

Beza therefore sentenced the convict to 36 months (3 years) imprisonment with hard labour.

Mukunoheri hails from Dzaleka in Dowa.


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