Reports from Marjory’s home at her parents in Chipata Compound within Lusaka where she is in constant tears. One of her family members who contacted Local press said Marjory is in tears, she has been crying since Saturday when her wedding was cancelled following the disclosure of her unfaithfulness.

The family source said Marjory has also been failing to sleep and has never eaten or drunk anything since Saturday.

“We are really worried, we are pleading with her at least to drink even water but she is refusing saying she has embarrassed her family”,  said the source.

On Saturday, What was suppose to be the happiest day for Marjory and her newly wedded husband, everything turned sour yesterday Saturday (17th March 2018) when her ex boyfriend showed up in church just after the pastor was done with marriage vows on the couple.

A mass brawl broke out at a wedding reception which was held at Reformed Church of Zambia in Lusaka’s Chipata Compound.

Total confusion erupted between families members when Marjory’s ex boyfriend showed up at the wedding ceremony and claimed he had 5 hour vigorous sex with her the previous day (Friday 16th March 2018) in a named guest house. Marjory’s family members admitted she went missing on Friday for 5 hours and did not give them a convincing reason for her disappearance.

The man (ex boy friend) claimed he had video evidence of him having sex with the newly wedded Majorly on Friday.

The pastor was forced to cancel the wedding ceremony after the angry man threatened to produce video evidence of him in the sexual act with the newly wedded Marjory.

The ex boyfriend who also claimed to be HIV Positive, said he had been forced to disclose Marjory’s secrete sexual activities with him because she accepted to have sex with him the previous day despite knowing so well she would be getting married to another man the following day.

Marjory herself has never had sex with the man she was getting married to and was claiming to be a virgin, but secretly she was busy sleeping with the man who embarrassed her at the 11th or 12th hour. It is believed her ex-boyfriend had requested her to pay him K7,500 cash if he had not to disclose the secrete affair, but the girl had no money and only promised to continue sleeping with him (having adultery with her boyfriend) even after her wedding.

The wedding was cancelled and Marjory’s family was ordered to refund the man’s family (a man who was about to be her husband) everything he had spent for the wedding including insalam and lobola.

This is a warning to all men, be careful with the people you are about to marry, some ladies spend their days before their wedding sleeping with their boyfriends to the extent of getting impregnating. No wonder some of the first born children are not yours.

Marjory’s life is now ruined because of her unfaithfulness. Her ex boyfriend tricked her by placing a secrete camera on Friday in their room just before her colorful wedding the following day on Saturday.

Source: ZambiaObserver

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