Senior Resident Magistrate Court in Mulanje has sentenced a 32- year-old man, Yusufu Selemani, to eight years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) for defiling his 13-year-old stepdaughter.

Police Prosecutor, Jafalie Wemusi told the Court that Selemani committed the offence between October 2019 and February,2020.

He said the victim revealed to her mother that she had been defiled and impregnated by her stepfather.

Police at Muloza arrested Selemani and charged him with defilement contravening Section 138 of the Penal code.

But appearing before Magistrate Shahida Bakili, he pleaded not guilty and the state paraded three witnesses, leading to his conviction.

In submission, Police asked for a stiff penalty describing defilement as a serious offence.

The Prosecutor added that as a father, Selemani had the responsibility to protect the girl.

“Your worship, as a father, Selemani had the responsibility to protect the girl but what he did is a taboo that will haunt the victim for the rest of her life,” Wemusi said.

Although Selemani asked for mercy, Second Grade Magistrate Bakili agreed with the state, lamenting an increase in defilement cases in the district.

“Depending on aggravating and mitigating factors, defilement attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Further, these cases are high in the district hence the need for stiff penalties to deter would-be-offenders,” she said.

Bakili sentenced Selemani to eight years IHL.

Meanwhile, the same Court has sentenced a 20 year-old man, Chikondi John, to eight years IHL for defiling a nine year old girl.

According to Police Prosecutor, Gladstone Kanyezi, John committed the offence on Thursday, May 21, 2020 as the girl was following her friends to a sweet potato garden.

He said while on her way, she met John who dragged her into a bush and defiled her.

Appearing before court, John pleaded guilty to defilement charges and the court convicted him.

The state asked for a stiff penalty to deter would- be-offenders.

The convict surprised people when, in mitigation, he asked for a one year jail term saying he has huge responsibility including helping a person with visual impairment.

But the Magistrate quashed the mitigations and sentenced him to eight years imprisonment with hard labour.

Selemani hails from Chinseu village, Traditional Authority (TA) Njema while John hails from Namisikha village, Senior Chief Mabuka both in Mulanje.


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