A housewife has begged a local Nigerian court to dissolve her five year old marriage to her husband who is allegedly under his mother’s tutelage.

Iyabo Olatunji said her husband, Ezekiel is an alcoholic and beats her mercilessly without any caution from his mother.

She revealed this during her divorce proceedings on Friday.

In her defense, she said, “My husband was working by his mother’s directive.

“It is my mother-in-law that gives us food and my husband will not do anything except waiting for his mother’s money.

“The worst part is that my mother-in-law will not tell her son to stop beating me.”

She begged the court to dissolve her five-year-old marriage to Ezekiel for alleged intake of excessive alcohol.

The complainant said that she could no longer tolerate the constant beating she got whenever her spouse was drunk.

According to her, the alcoholic intake has contributed to his irrational treatments.

She appealed to the court to award custody of the only child of the marriage to her.

The President of the court, Mr Rotimi Olusanya, ruling on the case, said the repeated refusal of the defendant’s appearance in court would not stop the proceedings.

He, therefore, adjourned the case till Sept. 27 for judgment.

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