Political Science Association (PSA) has requested the remaining Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson to leave office following Jane Ansah who tendered her resignation letter few weeks ago.

This follows the continued calls from different stakeholders asking them to leave office after the Constitutional Court found them incompetent when it (the court) nullified May 21, 2019 presidential elections.

A statement co-signed by the Association’s President Joseph Chunga and its Secretary General Ernest Thindwa, the political experts say the move will afford the fresh crop of MEC commissioners time to deliver free, fair and credible elections.

This plea comes just a day after President Peter Mutharika accepted the resignation of the MEC chairperson Ansah, on Friday.

The Chancellor College based experts; observe going to the polls with the current commissioners will discredit the fresh presidential results.

PSA secretary general Thindwa said, “In elections and politics in general perception matter, so here is a set of commissioners s who don’t have the trust of Malawians, even if they were to manage these elections cleanly, professionally and fairly and Mutharika (President peter Mutharika) wins fairly, Malawians would not trust the results. We need a set of commissioners who can command trust from both sides of the political divide.

The political and governance experts have also tipped political parties and all other stakeholders involved in selection process of new commissioners, to do so based on merit and their capacity.

“It should not be about rewarding party faithful’s, it’s about identifying Malawians who can serve Malawians in a matter of urgency, these commissioners that will run the next election with legitimacy in the eyes of all contestants,” said Thindwa.

Bishop Mary Nkosi was the first commissioner to step down after taking an early annual leave pending expiry of her contract before the MEC chairperson.

President Peter has not made any commitment as to when he will appoint her replacement.

PSA has also expressed concerns over the escalating political violence and conduct of state broadcaster over its biased reporting calling for affirmative action.

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