A 39 year old Huang Chuncai is thought to have suffered the world’s worst case of neurofibromatosis, that causes benign tumours to grow along nerve endings.

The 39 year old is known as “[email protected]’s Elephant Man”, has been the subject of medical studies and has been forced to turn down offers to appear in a “freak show”.

The 39-year-old has now had four ops to remove the two stone (15kg) tumour, that had taken over his entire face, leaving him unrecognisable.

The extreme condition, which manifest itself when Huang was just four years old, causes tumours to develop repeatedly on his face, to the point where the growth once measured a staggering 15 kilogrammes (33 lbs) in weight.

The man from Yulan village in Hunan Province’s Yongxin County, in Central [email protected], had his first surgery in 2007 and underwent three more in the years that followed with the help of donations or pro bono operations.

The procedures helped to reduce what was and still is the record for the world’s biggest facial tumour, but his appearance still stops him from venturing out into public.

Huang only attended school for four years until he decided to drop out because of the abuse and ridicule he received from other children.

He now lives with his parents and siblings, who have become accustomed to his appearance. The footage shows him as he is now that the tumours have started to come back.

Despite his nickname, Huang does not suffer from the disorder associated with the original Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, who is thought to have had Proteus Syndrome.

Huang’s symptoms are different, but nonetheless debilitating.

Reports said Huang’s growths appear to be slowly developing once more, but for the moment he is able to lead a relatively normal life and has continued to decline offers to show him off as some sort of “monster


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