The state Vice president Dr. Saulos Chilima said World Bank is failing to release funds to support Malawi due to current administration.

Chilima, who is also Tonse Alliance running-mate told Malawians in Blantyre during the Alliance’s whistle stop tour that DPP administration under Professor Peter Mutharika cannot be entrusted with public funds because of deep-rooted corruption, fraud and theft of resources which should, ordinarily, be for the benefit of the public.

“This government is abusing funds meant to benefit Malawians. Donors are no longer interested in supporting the country with funds. As I speak, the World Bank has withheld funds meant for a social cash transfer program,” said Chilima.

He asked Malawians to vote for Tonse Alliance led by Dr Lazurus Chakwera because it is the only hope for better Malawi.

Dr. Chilima said the alliance has projects lined-up once voted into power. These, he said, would include improvement of the transport sector, access to portable water, electricity and food security for all among other things.

“Tonse Alliance leadership has come to serve and save Malawians. We have the plight of people at heart.

“We did our part by moving the courts to nullify the May 21 polls, you should as well do your part by casting your vote for the Tonse Alliance led by Dr. Chakwera,” he said.

Malawians will cast their votes again for president after High Court in Lilongwe on 3 February this year nullified the 2019 presidential election saying it faced a lot of irregularities.

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