A Tanzanian self-proclaimed prophet, Commando Mashimo has come out to dare President John Pombe Magufuli to Jail him for life if his Coronavirus cure doesn’t work.

In a video going around social media, Mashimo said that he had the cure for coronavirus and the president was at liberty to do anything to him if no one is cured.

He said God showed him the cure in a

“President Magufuli, my medicine for corona which God showed me if it doesn’t work I beg for you to jail me as long as you want,” he says in the video.

He said that some of the president’s workers have been threatening him for claiming to have the cure to the deadly virus that has ravaged the country.

He insisted that there was no need for Magufuli to order for medicine from Madagascar yet he could provide.

He insisted that he needed just a week to make his claims true and prove he indeed has the cure.

“If the people don’t get healed then you can proceed and ask for help from Madagascar. Why go to Madagascar yet in Tanzania we have God and the medicine too since February but your workers have been threatening me,” he noted.

“Just listen to me and give me a chance so that I can prove I have the medicine we need and prove that there is God in Tanzania, many people have doubted that he exists calling every preacher a con, I only need a week that’s all I’m asking for,” he added.

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