A 4-year-old nursery school pupil has recounted how her school teacher allegedly raped her.

In a heartbreaking video going viral, the 4-year-old girl whose identity was hidden revealed that the school teacher always raped her during break period.

Emotional moment 4-year-old girl recounts how she was raped by school teacher (Video)

According to the little girl, her school teacher who she referred to as uncle Elias spreads her legs and covers her mouth, telling her to shut up mostly anytime she goes out for break and when ever she wants to wash her hand.

She added that her teacher would buy her sweets, rob her cream, carry her on his lap and start assaulting her sexually.

Sadly, her mother, Ayele Esther revealed that whenever she wanted to take her daughter to school, she always leaves her with the said teacher who raped her.

One day, she had to go pick her daughter from school as the school teacher didn’t bring her home when she saw her daughter had a fever and could not speak.

She also revealed that her daughter was not doing well academically in school and that she always finishes last in class.

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