By Don and Nicole Nenninger, Neighbor

Have you lost yourself?  Are you so absorbed in your career, in your relationship, in the daily grind, or in an addiction that you’ve lost sight of who you are or where you’d like to be in life?  Great!  Say what?  Well, let me reassure you that first, it’s pretty common.  Second, I can help you!  Keep reading….

Denial, repression, suppression–these things serve to hinder your progress in life because they numb you.  They keep you where you are in a false sense of comfort and security.  But, does it really feel comfortable?  Underneath, do you feel a sense of uneasiness knowing there’s something more for you?

5 ways to know you’ve lost yourself:

  1. You don’t do the things that really used to give you pleasure.
  2. You feel numb.
  3. You feel like life is just passing you by.
  4. You’ve let yourself go.
  5. You don’t like your life.
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