Not only saying am in love with you will wins a girl heart, some girls heart it when a guy meets them on first approach and say I love you it sounds silly to them, you can say something more romantic and cool to a girl you truly love. Here are some cool things to tell a girl before saying other words.

1. Hey you, you look so beautiful even heaven can tells.

2. I never no your name please tell me just to know maybe we are compatible for love.

3. Girl, can I ask you something? Is your mum a queen because she give birth to this beautiful princess.

4. Hi I just want to know your name today I will ask for the rest tomorrow.

5. Hey please do you play games? Because am lost in love.

6. Please am finding someone? You because you stole my heart.

7. Hi am not here to say I love only pretend to be your friend.

8. Please am I the only one seeing this? Your beauty look attractive.

9. Even a blind man can see this? Your beauty.

10. I wish I could stop the time I will only pause just the moment I meet you.

11. Do you see that? My heart beat faster when am close to you.

12. Please don’t judge me because am just learning how to love.

13. You Do you know the last time on feel happy? The moment am with you.

14. Do you know I found you more interesting than your beauty.

15. Please don’t walk away I will never gain my memories back.

16. Please do you have a phone because I need just one number to fill up the last space.

17. Even the mirror can tells your beauty.

18. Don’t lie please? Who are you because you don’t look like others.

19. Please don’t let it go away? You are going away with it, my heart.

20. Please if it’s for sell please tell me I will buy it?

Fill the last one.

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