President of Tanzania, John Magufuli has declared his country Covid-19 free and has told donors to go hang in no uncertain terms.

Magufuli said this feat was achieved through earnest prayers and fasting by citizens.

Said Magufuli, speaking with worshipers at a church in Dodoma.

“The corona disease has been eliminated thanks to God,”

Tanzania’s Covid-19 strategy has been questioned by the World Health Organisation  (WHO), with Magufuli once declaring that no prayerful person would be touched by the virus.

He implored citizens to pray away the virus and has stopped the government from releasing Covid-19 cases in the country.

The last official report by the government was released on the 29th of April and at the time there were 509 cases.

The Tanzanian government also rubbished reports by the US embassy, that the country’s hospitals in Dar es Salaam were overwhelmed with patients.

Magufuli said the Covid-19 cases were grossly exaggerated and even encouraged people to attend church services and mosques.

He said prayers would vanquish the disease.

Said Magufuli on the current situation.
“I want to thank Tanzanians of all faiths. We have been praying and fasting for God to save us from the pandemic that has afflicted our country and the world. But God has answered us.
“I believe, and I’m certain that many Tanzanians believe, that the corona disease has been eliminated by God,”
The worshippers seemed to have swallowed Magufuli’s words and celebrated.

He even went on to commend the priest and worshippers for not wearing protective masks and gloves.

He said the health minister had told him that they only have 4 Covid-19 patients in Dar es Salaam.

President Magufuli warned Tanzanians to be careful about donations, saying some of the protective equipment given by donors is spreading the coronavirus instead.

“I want to urge you Tanzanians not to accept donations of masks, instead tell the donors to go and use them with their wives and children,”

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