While commending positive efforts by government to ensure job security for the youths in the country, the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions has called on government to suspend all walk-in interviews as they are unprofessional and putting lives of job seekers at risk.
Government through the ministry of health was today across the country conducting several health related interviews in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.
But in a turn of events, all was not well in some parts of the country where these interviews were being conducted as hundreds of youths in search of job opportunities were injured due to stampede that followed.
With this, Malawi Congress of Trade Unions through its Secretary General Dennis Kalekeni has accused government of unprofessionalism in the management of such a recruitment process.
Kalekeni says the process used posed lives of job seekers at risk as the country is still practicing several Covid-19 measures.
The MCTU has since asked government to halt the process and not hold similar ones in the future.
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