Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation and Rehabilitation Trust (WNRCT-Cooperation Circle) which advocates for environmental conservation, management and protection together with Lilongwe Cooperation Circle commemorates the United Nations World Environment Day on Friday at Chinsapo UNICEF Ground in Lilongwe.

Addressing the media during the event WNRCT representative Grace Chilongo said that the theme for 2020 Environment day is Biodiversity with a slogan: Time for Nature.

“The trees are part of biodiversity which helps in improving vegetation cover in the area as a way of mitigating climate change impacts which is an issue of global concern.

“We are replanting and take care of Nsangu trees in Chinsapo area because of its soil type the favors the species, to improve the status of biodiversity of Chinsapo area,” Chilongo said.

She further said that they also had a general cleaning at Chinsapo market.

“We have cleaned the market as it is necessary to keep our places clean because we get fresh air from the surrounding areas, so reducing pollution since unclean environment leads to bad conditions which cause different types of disease to people.

“If the people are unhealthy, there will be no one to take care of Biodiversity,” Chilongo added.

Commenting on the development, Lilongwe cooperation Circle chairperson Awali Mustapher said he they took advantage of the world environmental day to look into health issues by cleaning up the chinsapo market.

“As one way of conserving the environment we thought wise to clean the market because it is one area that affects our lives day by day. We buy our food stuff at the market so if the market is not clean the food too will not be good which will end people get infected to various disease making it impossible to take care of our environment,” Mustapher said.

He added that cleaning up of the market it will also help in the fight against COVID-19.

“As you know we are living with the corona virus that has affected the whole world. Human being as part on animal life on the world we cleaned markets in order to have free and protected places from different pathogens that can cause diseases that weakens our bodies hence coronavirus easily attack us and people who are doing their business there will be safe together with those coming to buy food stuff,” Mustapher said.

One of the youth at chinsapo, Sipho Gondwe said that he was happy that they have learnt more about taking care of biodiversity and how we can take care for it in our daily living.

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