Former President Bakili Muluzi has come to the defense of Democratic Progressive Party’s youngest lawmaker Fyness Magonjwa on the remarks she made in Machinga threatening traditional leaders with consequences if they ever entertain opposition leaders in the district.

The Machinga South East Constituency legislator faced backlash from opposition supporters and other stakeholders after uttering the words that were deemed as “tribally”.

However, Former President Bakili Muluzi has backed the legislator by reminding people that when Joyce Banda had a shade from the president Peter Mutharika, everyone came out to defend “a woman” but when this “courageous” young and “charismatic” lady stood up and exercised her right to freedom of speech, many insulted her without seeing she’s a woman.

“Our country has become lovers of politicians than lovers of the nation.

“I defeated the Kamuzu regime but, whenever he did right things, we were clapping hands and whenever he did wrong, we were protesting.

“This young democratic was not wrong to speak about the right things to applaud in DPP. That is real democracy,” Muluzi said.

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