In Lilongwe, Senior Counsel Allan Chinula has said President Peter Mutharika needs to respect tenets bestowed in separation of powers.
He says the lawyers have conducted the marches just to stand in solidarity with Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda.
Counsel Andy Kaonga says the legal practitioners in the country are deeply concerned with what president Mutharika and his party functionaries are doing in their efforts to attack the judiciary.
He says as lawyers they condemn all the efforts to discredit the judiciary by telling parliament to reverse the Court’s decision.
He says the lawyers will take all lawful steps to stop what the executive is doing in discrediting the judiciary.
He says they will stop the impunity and all plans to weaken the judiciary.
The judiciary is not a tool for one person, the judiciary is there to support all Malawians.
He has said the executive should put it’s hands off the Judiciary.
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