A young lady identified as Vivian was reportedly stabbed to death by her lesbian lover in Delta, Nigeria after she caught her sleeping with a man.

According to reports, the assailant had stabbed Vivian to death 3 days before her corpse was discovered in her room.

Reports have it that she killed her lover out of the fear that she might expose her for sleeping with a man, thereby ruining her reputation as a lesbian.

She was also reported to have carted away the deceased’s properties to Enugu state where she was arrested and currently cooling off at the Police station.

After committing the vicious crime, the stud then went ahead to call Vivian’s mother to inform her that her daughter had traveled.

It was not until yesterday that residents found the lifeless body of Vivian after breaking into her room due to the foul odour they were perceiving in the compound.

Vivian’s friends revealed that the stud had fled to Enugu State, but was eventually arrested and is currently in police custody, where is helping officers with investigation.

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