Good governance commentator Makhumbo Munthali has questioned the complaint filed by Mbakuwaku Movement for Development (MMD) president Peter Kuwani requesting the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to disqualify the candidatures of Tonse Alliance torchbearer Lazarus Chakwera and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) –United Democratic Front (UDF) alliance torchbearer Peter Mutharika.

MEC chairperson Justice Chifundo Kachale this morning said that Kuwani lodged the complaint to the commission on the argument that the two presidential candidates did not follow a Supreme Court of Appeal order of maintain their running-mates in the nullified May 21, 2019 presidential elections.

Writing on his Facebook page, the youthful human rights defender, said he is seeing President Peter Mutharika in the complaint filed by MMD president despite that he has the right to lodge a complaint.

Munthali: questions Kuwani’s Compliant

According to Munthali, Kuwani is serving the interest of certain politician who has unsuccessfully worked so hard to prevent the fresh presidential elections sanctioned by the Constitutional Court.

“Now that this politician knows clearly well that he has lost the election he thinks nullification or disqualification of 2 candidates (including himself) is the way to go in order to ensure he sticks to power willy-nilly,” writes Munthali.

Munthali further observed that Kuwani might have been simply been encouraged to “remain in the race by that politician with the hope that they would rig the election by allocating this Mbakuwaku guy some 3% to 6% of total votes and then argue Tonse gurus failed to achieve 50%+1 because of Mbakuwaku votes,”

According to Munthali, the highest percentage Kuwani might get is 0.8%.

“Now their only hope is to use Mbakuwaku towards the nullification of elections. This too will fail,” he said.

He added; “To cut a long story short, while MEC and others may be handling a Mbakuwaku complaint, some of us see the face of APM all over the complaint”

Meanwhile, MEC chairperson has said the commission will look into Kuwani’s complaint and feedback will be given before the end of business today.

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