A 53-YEAR-OLD man who hails from Filabusi has been ordered to pay a $3 000 fine after he stabbed his young brother. It is reported that following a misunderstanding while discussing family issues, Alfred Moyo stabbed his younger brother in the stomach.

According to the reports, Moyo was convicted on his own plea of guilty to assault by Gwanda regional magistrate Sibonginkosi Mhlanga. He was ordered to pay the $3 000 fine by June 30 or risk being jailed for six months.

At first, Moyo was initially charged with attempted murder, however, due to the nature of the injuries sustained by the complainant, it was later altered to assault.

Prosecutor Khumbulani Nyoni told the publication that, Moyo and his brother Aleck Moyo (44) were discussing family issues when they had a misunderstanding.

“On March 2 at around 6 PM Alfred and Aleck were drinking beer at Alfred’s home discussing family issues. A misunderstanding ensued between them and Alfred went into his bedroom and came out with a stick and struck his brother three times on the back,” he said.

Nyoni added that

“The complainant managed to snatch the stick from Alfred and hit him back. Alfred retrieved an okapi knife from his pocket which he used to stab the complainant in the stomach. Aleck was assisted by his nephew who escorted him to the police station to file a report leading to the arrest of the accused person.”

In his defence, Moyo argued that Aleck attacked him first. He said, his brother first punched him and in self-defence, he took a stick and used it to hit back. He added that Aleck grabbed the stick from him and began assaulting him. In fear for his life, he panicked and pulled out the knife.

An apologetic Moyo told the magistrate,

“I panicked Your Worship and pulled out the knife when Aleck kept on hitting me with the stick as I thought he would hurt me. It wasn’t my intention to hurt him as I was just acting in self-defence.”

Alfred Moyo was ordered to pay the $3, 000 fine by 30 June or he will face six months jail term.

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