There was commotion in Glendale, Zimbabwe last week Friday after residents attacked and killed a stray baboon which had been spotted roaming the streets.

After slaughtering the animal, some famished individuals pleaded with the mob to take it for their relief.

The individuals, John Vashico and another only identified as Hafe reportedly shared the meat amongst themselves, according to H-Metro.
According to one of the locals who refused to be named, they attacked and killed the baboon because they feared for their safety.

Narrating the incident, he said that the baboon first sought refuge at one of the houses and residents attacked it and pursued it until they killed it.

‘The baboon had the pride to walk along the streets and we feared for our lives that is why we decided to kill it,’ said one of the residents. It found refuge in a tree and we used catapults, stones and knobkerries to kill it. We had no other intentions after killing but to display it to the community making fun with it before two men pleaded with us to take it for their relief.

‘People had arguments on whether baboons are food for people and some said only its palms are good relief especially when roasted,’ added the resident.

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