Redbrick Limited Company,an Investment Limited Company situated in Blantyre.

The company’s directors, Maaz Batatawala and Sabina Batatawala together with its members of staff are well wishers who wishes nothing but the good and the best of this country and it citizens in the fight against.

The company’s directors together with the members of staff donated Covid-19 materials to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) a few months ago to help in the fight against the pandemic disease

In our previous interview with the company’s sales manager,Jamie De Silva said in his statement that:

“This is one of many donations our company is preparing to donate and we expect to do more donations to district hospitals in the upcoming weeks which will amount to k1, 500,000 with materials help prevent the deadly virus (covid-19),said Silva.”

Today the company has donated another handful donation of Covid-19 Prevention materials and thermometers to Chichri Prison.The materials were handed to to the Prison Staion Manager by the Sales Executive,Paul Mwase and  Sales Manager Jamie De Silva.

Receiving the items, The Prison  Station Manager Mr Chagwa thanked the Companys directors,Maaz Batatawala and Sabina Batatawala and it members of staff for the donation and that it will help prison in the fight against the deadly virus


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