A popular Facebook user identified as Prince Max has narrated how he succeeded in proposing to his own mother and getting her to deny having any husband or children.

It is not clear where exactly the rather crazy incident happened but it is clear it has been a very recent story which was shared on 1 February.

Prince Max must have exercised great courage to put the story out there since his mother was certainly going to find out in one way or another.

To make matters even worse, Prince might land in a bigger trouble owing to the fact that the post has gone wild and viral. Within a short period of time, the story had already gathered close to 8 000 reactions on one of the largest social media platforms in the entire world.

A current search for his name and the post has yielded no result. By extension, that might mean that Prince Max has already gotten into trouble, for which reason he decided to take down both the post and his account.


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