Unable to pay a debt, a woman living in Navi Mumbai decided to rob her own home. The woman stole Rs 3 lakh from her home along with gold worth Rs 1.1 lakh. The woman’s husband was unaware that she had taken a debt.

The woman and her husband reside in Kopar Khairane area of Navi Mumbai. The woman’s foul play came to light when the police were probing the robbery case filed by her husband.

On June 15, the woman’s husband took her to a hospital in Ghansoli as she was not feeling well. At around 8 pm on the same day, the man dropped her to her maternal uncle’s house which is close to the hospital as she was asked to come to back to the facility.

At around 2.30 pm on June 17, the man picked up his wife from her maternal uncle’s home and took her to the hospital. After dropping his wife, the man went to work. At 7.30 pm, the man picked up his wife from her uncle’s house and the two returned home, The Times of India reported.

When they opened the door, the couple noticed that their house had been ransacked, Gold jewellery kept inside the house was missing and a window’s tin shade was bent.

Following this, the man informed the police who checked the CCTV footage and spoke to neighbours as well as locals. However, the police did not receive any substantial clues. The police then decided to pursue the statement provided by the victim’s wife as it seemed evasive. During further interrogation, the woman confessed to stealing the valuables and cash while her husband was at work. The woman’s husband refused to press charges on her.

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