Africans on Twitter have been taken by surprise by Malawi’s Lawyer Mordecai Msiska who has turned down a ministerial offer given to him by the newly elected president Lazarus Chakwera.

On Monday, Chakwera named a partial cabinet in which Msiska was named Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Reacting to his appointment by the president, Msiska who was the lead counsel for Chakwera in the presidential elections case, turned down the offer citing personal reasons.

“Thank you for your kind sentiments. I have, however, conveyed my inability to accept the offer. I have personal reasons as well as my discomfort at having acted as lead counsel then taking a position from our Very Esteemed Client,” said Msiska.

He further called on those who understand his position to explain his decision to Chakwera that his (Msiska) support for his cause “the national cause, remains firm as does my respect for him,”

He added; “The acceptance speech touched me to the core when he went one by one through our past and potential future national ailments. My respect for him grew immensely after that speech.”

Following Msiska’s decision not to accept the ministerial offer, Africans across the continent took it to social media praising him after Africa Facts Zone tweeted the story.

Most of them described Msiska as a rare gem saying that men like him are the ones needed in most African countries.

Others said with Msiska’s conduct they have been convinced that the African continent still has men with integrity.

On the other hand others were wondering if indeed Malawi is an African continent

As others are admiring his boldness of refusing the ministerial offer, some people are advising Msiska to take the offer saying he did a good job and deserves to be awarded.

Not everyone is thinking that Msiska’s decision to turn down the offer is genuine, according to one user on Twitter One Man Army said the whole move is a show off.

Msiska was a lead lawyer for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera in the fresh presidential elections in which he was seeking nullification of May 21, presidential elections together with his vice Saulos Chilima.

On June 23, Chakwera and Chilima were declared president and vice president respectively by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) after fresh presidential elections which were sanctioned by the Constitutional Court.

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