Reports reaching Faceofmalawi indicate that government has suspended awarding of contracts with immediate effect.

According to a press statement issued by the Chief Secretary to the Government Zangazanga Chikhosi, the development is to pave way for a quick audit to determine a number of issues.

According to Chikhosi, this will help government to understand the “including transparency and credibility of processes and procedures followed and decisions made.”

The development has been backed with the provision of Corrupt Practices Act (2004), the Public Audit Act (2003), the Public Finance Management Act (2003) and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Act (2017).

According to Chikhosi, the development is aimed at ensuring a corruption-free and fair contract Management, and prudence in public financial management.

The statement further asked heads of ministries, departments and agencies at any institution wishing to award a contract must contact the Office of Chief Secretary.

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