In a 30-second video clip which has thronged all corners of social media and left many people in stun, the South African late music icon, Brenda Fassie, in an undated interview, seems to be bragging that she is the master of sex and can make a man ejaculate as many times as possible.

She further claims that she had a good time in bed with one man who wished if the world would know that he engaged in sexual relations with the star, and added that the unidentified man enjoyed how he was handled in bed and ejaculated 85 times.

”I don’t say I’m the best, but I think I can do it, I’m pretty hot, some men cry because I sing, I sing when I make love, I sing for them, and one guy said to me ‘Oh I wish the world could see that I’m fuc.king Brenda Fassie, I said, well man, I will tell the world, don’t worry. He said, will you ? And he came 85 times!”, she said in a video.

From the look of things, the video has been in the hiding during the time of the icon’s death up to date. However, a number of men on social media have doubted the claims by Brenda Fassie that she could make a man cum 85 times.

”I really doubt this claim,how is this possible guys,I have never heard of that,even in adult movies no one can reach that level even if a woman is sweet,trust me guys this is not possible,but since we were not there who are we to judge,maybe it happened”,sad one follower.

Below is a video of the late Brenda Fassie making claims that she made a man cum 85 times after good sex.


Brenda Nokuzola Fassie was a South African enemy of politically-sanctioned racial segregation Afropop vocalist, lyricist, artist, and lobbyist. Lovingly called MaBrrr by her fans, she was once in a while portrayed as the Black Madonna
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