By Robert Kumwenda

Limbe Madrasah Noor Islam Administrator Stambuli Pulika says the closure of both public and private schools has greatly affected them in the education side considering that not all learners can access e-learning.

He said its very obvious that the levels of education have gone down.

Pulika said there nothing that they can do at the moment because they adhere what those in authority says.

“We are a law abiding school, we follow the rules and we follow what the leaders say, we are going to follow all necessary measures set by the government and the Ministry of Education,” he said.

The Limbe Madrasah Noor Islam Administrator said some of their students are outside Malawi and they are doing e-learning but it is still a challenge as not all of them have access to internet.

He said they are managing to reach out to at least seventy percent of the students saying that they have been doing e-learning for a month now.

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected many things Worldwide as many countries continues to register new infections.

Malawi has registered over a thousand and the number of people that are infected with the virus continues to rise day by day though government has put in place measures to contain the spread of the pandemic.






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