A small gift shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, received some rather unexpected, yet adorably sweet customers.

Lori Jones was going about her usual day at the shop, which is part of the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park when a female deer wandered in as if she was about to pick out some presents or her family.

“It was hilarious,” Lori told The Dodo. “She was looking at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard.”

After having a look around, the deer was lured outside with something tasty by Lori. But evidently, that wasn’t enough.

“About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family.”

And the little ones patiently waited outside for their mom.

“They were just looking in the doorway like, ‘Can we come in too?’ I said, No! It was so funny.”

At one point, Lori was able to lure the curious family away from her shop but not before taking some wonderful photos with her phone.

And while many wildlife animals can be seen in the wondrous Rockies area, such as mountain lions, deer, bighorn sheep, raccoons, and more , this was an unusual and surprising encounter.

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