Five people have been arrested for conspiring to marry off a 13-year-old girl in Kenya.

The suitor, 30-year-old Hillary Langat, was seized in the company of four others who were helping him organize the marriage ceremony in the outskirts of Narok town.

Narok Town Assistant County Commissioner Abdul Galgalo Diba said the residents informed him of the intended marriage and upon storming the house at night, they found the girl being prepared for marriage.

“The information we have is that the girl was not a willing partner in the marriage and was only being forced by her parents to marry the man who is more than double her age,” said Diba.

The administrator said that the girl, who hails from another area was brought to Narok town a week ago to married off away from the prying eyes of their village mates.

“Their plans have backfired because what they initially thought is that no one will know their intentions when in town where they are little known,” said Diba as he warned those with similar intentions that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

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