Zimbabwean Health Minister Dr. Obadiah Moyo has been fired over alleged involvement in the $60 million COVID-19 scandal that also roped in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family.

In a statement on Tuesday, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr. Misheck Sibanda announced that Moyo has been relieved of his duties by Mnangagwa.

“In terms of section 340, subsection (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the President has removed Dr Obadiah Moyo form the office of Cabinet Minister with immediate effect for conduct inappropriate for a Government Minister,” the statement read.

The embattled minister was arrested last month for allegedly awarding a lucrative tender to Drax International for the supply of COVID-19 drugs and personal protective equipment, despite being fully aware that the company was not a pharmaceutical entity but a consultancy firm.

A proxy of the United Arab Emirates registered company Drax International, Delish Nguwaya is currently in prison after his arrest last month.

Moyo’s dismissal comes amid mounting pressure by Zimbabwean anti-corruption organizations and political parties who are demanding the president fire all his corrupt government officials.

July 31 has been set as the day for a “national protest” against corruption and political challenges.

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