As the number of people that are dying and infected with COVID 19 continues to rise government has been asked to come out clearly on issues surrounding the pandemic.

A concerned citizen by the name of Donex Zimbulani has said that it is sad that people are still gathering in huge crowds disregarding preventive measures put in place but government has remained silent on the matter.

He said the previous administration of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wanted to impose a lockdown as one way of controlling the spread of the virus but people politicized the whole issue saying it was one way of running away from the elections.

“The previous administration wanted to protect its people but some people thought the lockdown was not necessary, now people are dying and more and more are being infected,” he said.

Zimbulani added that the figures that we know are of the people that have been tested and we do not know those of that have not been tested something which is a great danger to the country’s national health.

Having looked at all these factors, Zimbulani said it was necessary for government to come clearly in the open to tell people  that COVID is real and is really  killing many people and  as the matter is of great urgency because people are still dying and being  infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Currently, Malawi has become the second country after South Africa with the largest number of people that are infected with Corona Virus.

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