As COVID-19 cases surge worldwide to a staggering 15 million, scientists are working flat out leaving no stone unturned in pursuit for the holy grail to treat, prevent and ultimately deal away with the pandemic.

As such, a recent study on Weed, known as Dagga or Marijuana in Africa, and Cannabis in the West has proved to be the most potential adjunct treatment for COVID-19 treatments.

Researchers from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Nebraska investigated the appealing potential properties the controversial plant – particularly the cannabis-derived Penguin CBD – has in reducing susceptibility to the disease and looking to understand if it can be used as an antiviral medication.

The peer-reviewed breakthrough study details how the drug might help treat dangerous lung inflammation from the virus.

Scientists Discover Weed Might Reduce COVID-19 Lung Inflammation

It further reiterates that since the “acute infection is associated with a cytokine superstorm, which contributes to the symptoms of fever, cough, muscle pain,” the goal of scientific study is then justified to look into reducing inflammation that results in severe pneumonia which clogs up the lungs, making breathing difficult or impossible.

Weed comes into the picture as one among many anti-inflammatory strategies – one that is not so strident to critically ill patients.

Weed has been an important scientific case study over the years. It has so many breakthroughs in the medical world – particularly in asthma where CBD was able to reduce the production of proinflammatory cytokine production, actually reducing airway inflammation.

The detailed analysis released this month suggests weed is an ideal candidate drug – though with minimal side effects – but cannot be considered as the only treatment for COVID-19.

But for the meantime, it has been the most well-supported theory – awaiting experimentation to bring about real answers.


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