A scary video fast going viral on social media has captured the moment, an unidentified man was electrocuted until he burst into flames in Agbor, Delta State.


It is not clear if he was an actual power holding company of Nigeria, PHCN official or if he was just a hired electrician called to make some illegal connections on the high tension.
In the video, the deceased didn’t seem to be wearing any kind of protective material. People just kept screaming and watching helplessly as he died.
See reactions;
“How did he get on-top like he has a bed laid there. This is a lesson for street underground NEPA night workers.” – Thompson Ochuko
“When someone tells another that they will die a painful death, this is exactly what they mean.” – A. Ifeanyi Peters
“Death him self was aside, till electric finish draining him.i can’t even wish my enemies this kind of death.” – Constance@10
“#rip but a lesson for others.” – Chizoba nwaeze
“Jesus! Was there no communication between him and the control room? or was it an illegal operation? Chai electricity sef!, e dey sweet to use and e dey fast to kill. Rip to the deceased.” – Poloyanobo2
“So sad. He might be an official, out to fend for his family. The event this days are just happening to fast, the is just moving to fast, seems the world is gone on a devilish fast track.  Just to sad.” – Segliz
“You know, if it was in a foreign city…. this man’s children and wife will be well taken care of… But see the way he died and nobody will ever remember him again… his family will now start suffering…. God, protect us… Living in Nigeria is like staying alive during a world war.” – Yanabasee1
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