A premier bet agent Maxwell Njati has been evicted by an angry Landlord who learnt that he was sleeping with his wife, sister, daughter and son’s wife in Mtandire, Lilongwe.

Maxwell rented the house from November and has been living in the compound where the Landlord has several houses for his family members.

It is believed that Maxwell was most loved by the Landlord for his kindness towards the people of the compound who always came to him for financial help and betting tips.

This led to a developed relationship with the female members who enjoyed winning soccer bets and when premier league returned this year from a Covid-19 break, the situation became uncontrollable, the agent took his chances and scored big.

The Landlord did not know until his son found out and told him.

He confronted the son’s wife who also revealed the whole chain involving his wife, sister and daughter.

They all knew and kept it a secret because he was giving them tips to win games and said to have a big blessing down there.

The whereabouts of Maxwell remain unknown and his shop has remained closed since last Saturday.

Others say he has moved to Chinsapo where he intends to reopen his business.

The Landlord and the family have since reconciled and are living in peace.

The Landlord’s wife is a young girl he married over a year ago.

Mtandire is one of the most highly populated areas in Lilongwe and a place where soccer betting is order of the day.

Source: Akometsi

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