A bizarre video of a man performing what seems like a money ritual with a snake has gone viral on the internet.

The eerie video has left social media in chills after the charmed snake seemed to be producing the money while the man performed his rituals.

The man in the video is thought to be South African as the denomination the snake is thought to have produced are South African Rands.

In the video background, another man can he heard praising the man clad in what seems like sangoma attire, kneeling on the floor which is covered in rivers of money.

The man can be heard saying

Udida aba thandazi ngempela

The video pans to a blood curling scene of the snake lazily gliding over the money.

Watch the video below

While we are not sure if this is a horrible prank, a fine piece of acting, or reality, we can’t help but feel the chills down our spine.

The fact that money comes from anything which is not a bank requires one to suspend their beliefs totally and enter into the dark arts of African tradition.

Supernatural beings or creatures producing money from ‘thin air’ is not a new concept in the African Tradition.

There are practitioners of the dark arts of tradition, who claim to have the ability to enchant creatures or objects to enrich people seeking wealth.

There are stories of Tokoloshes, sandawanas, rats, snakes and ‘short boys’ which produce money upon demand.

Some sangomas go as far as advertising on newspapers about their creatures in a bid to lure overnight wealth seekers.

In essence, it’s much more complex than just bringing a creature from the forest and tell it to produce money.

Most of it is rooted in necromancy, defiling of human corpses, graves, cold blooded murder as a means to an end.

The binding enchantments used upon the creatures involve human sacrifices at most, one has to sacrifices the blood of another human being, mostly of a family member to activate such spells.

It’s basically a human soul trapped into these creatures and used for the most evil acts.

It is a mystery then how the creature procures the money, I mean we’re yet to hear of banks missing huge chunks of money on a daily basis, so it’s really confusing how the money then follows.

Only the spell casters of would know it all

The downside is, family members die mysteriously as a result as these things demand blood payments and nothing else.

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