Thabani Sokhulu  shot dead his mom in Durban over the fight of inheritance left by his father.

According to the close source Thabani’s father was a well known businessman in Durban.

He had more than seven super successful supermarkets within the city.

He was also in the business of land and property rentals with more than 5 flats in Durban alone and 6 in Johannesburg.

Since his death things had been tensed up between his wife and his older son.

The two had been fighting for being in charge of the business left by the deceased businessman.

Thabani and his mother had in and out of family court fighting each other over inheritance.

Thembeka Sokhulu (42) a wife to the deceased businessman had been pronounced by the court as the best candidate to take over the business of the deceased.

Due to the court giving business control to her.

Her son Thabani shot her dead so that he can have the full control over the business of his father.

It is believed that Thembeka had been shot dead by her son in one of their homestead in Durban.

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