Law expert professor Danwood Chirwa has faulted government for continued arrests of Norman Chisale personal aide for former head of state president Peter Mutharika.

Chisale who at this moment is in police custody after being re-arrested for the third time.

Firstly, Chisale was arrested in connection with cement saga in which over 400, 000 bags of cement were imported into the country using the name of the former head of state.

Immediately after he was granted bail, Chisale was re- arrested on attempt murder charges and he spent at least two week at Chichiri prison.

He was later re-arrested immediately after he was granted bail in Blantyre in connection with the murder of former Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) boss Issa Njaunju.

Writing on his Facebook page, professor Chirwa said that the continued arrests on one person are a sign of a failed leadership.

“The idea of arresting, re-arresting, re-arresting and re-arresting a suspect happens only in failed states and dictatorial regimes,” writes Chirwa.

He therefore reminded that Malawi is governed by laws and has a Constitution which needs to be respected all times.

According to Chirwa, even the most devious suspect or accused has due process rights that must be respected.

“The police cannot render court orders worthless by endlessly re-arresting of suspects or accused persons,” said Chirwa.

Meanwhile, Chisale is still in police custody.

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