South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party has called for a return to the strict level-five lockdown in the country as coronavirus cases rise.

The party says the only way to prevent further spread is for people to stay home and the government reinstates all lockdown restrictions that were in place before easing started.

“No amount of social distancing, wearing masks, sanitisation will help reduce the rise in infections and death. The only strategy that will help us is staying at home.”

The party in a statement said the country’s health care system will not be able to cope with the rising number of infections.

South Africa’s cases of coronavirus rose to 151,209 on Tuesday with the deaths at 2,657.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize on Tuesday said “things are getting tough” as cases increase.

South Africa has been enforcing a phased easing of restrictions and has reopened schools with cases now being reported among learners and teachers.

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