At a time, when mass social gatherings are strictly prohibited, party lovers chose to have a dance with the devil at a party in Burnside. The party, which was held on 4 July at a lodge in the affluent suburb of Burnside, has become the talk of the town with some reports alleging that most people who graced the event had contracted the deadly Covid-19 disease.

One of the screenshots from the party; Lavish party from hell turns deadly as many tests positive for Covid-19

The party was allegedly organized by city businessman Mr. Moses Matsveru, who reportedly brought together some of the most prominent socialites from Bulawayo and even some from Harare. Most of the guests who thronged the lavish party which was dubbed the ‘Party of the year’ were money changers, car dealers, business people, and so-called “slay queens”.

The party is said to have been graced by more than 100 people at a time when social gatherings are restricted to just 50. Scenes from the party, from videos going viral on social media, shows the attendees nonchalantly disregarding rules of social distancing as they shared bottles of expensive alcohol.

So far two people who reportedly attended the party have since died, the second being a close associate of the party organizer who died on Friday, reportedly from Covid-19 complications.

The publication has learned that Bulawayo City Health Department has since opened up an investigation after claims that a dozen of people who attended a lavish and wild birthday party thrown by a city socialite and businessman last month contracted coronavirus and at least have already succumbed the deadly virus.

Bulawayo City Health Director, Dr. Edwin Sibanda said that the Health Department was trying to determine if any Covid-19 cases recorded in the city so far, were linked to the lavish party.

“We have seen the social media reports and we have heard the voice notes from people and currently we are investigating to establish whether any of the Covid-19 deaths that we have had can be linked to that party. As of this moment, we are not sure that there was a party in the first place. If there was, I think it would be irresponsible for anyone to hold a social gathering of that nature when they are aware that the risk of Covid-19 increases exponentially when people gather in numbers in confined spaces,” he said.

Mr. Matsveru who allegedly organized the on the party denied that the videos were from the 4th of July. He claims that the videos were instead from a party held last year.

“I have seen the videos but all these are from last year in December. People have just brought them just as a way of fixing me, I guess. Those are very old videos. They are bringing this up at a time when I am mourning a dear friend and they are suggesting that he was infected at a party. The person that they are using for this did not even drink, he was someone who fixed satellite dishes, not a money changer as some people on social media are saying. It’s unfortunate that people are using the death of someone close to us to try and discredit us with lies,” he said

However,  on the other hand, some of the people who attended the party who, however, confirmed that the videos were from the recent lavish gathering. Some of the people said they were living in fear after numerous reports linked some of the Covid-19 deaths to the party.

You can watch a video of the party below:

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